Starting March 6, 2024, Amazon Appstore will no longer be available for download from the Microsoft Store on Windows 11 devices.

For additional details, please read Amazon FAQs section:

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the steps to install Windows Subsystem for Android™️

Device requirements

  • Windows 11
  • 16 GB of RAM (recommended)
  • SSD (recommended)
  • Developer mode to be turned on
  • Virtual Machine Platform needs to be enabled

Windows Subsystem for Android™️ with Amazon Appstore

To install WSA on your Windows 11, you need to install the Windows Subsystem for Android with Amazon Appstore.

Amazon Appstore

  • The Amazon Appstore on Windows (a requirement for running Android apps on Windows 11) is available in select regions.
  • Install the Amazon Appstore from the Microsoft Store
  • Download

If you cant install the app via microsoft store follow the steps below or else skip to next!
  • Make sure URL(link) is selected and also select Slow option now hit search
  • Scroll down to download latest version (with large file size)
  • Go to your downloads folder and install the app you just download


Windows Subsystem for Android™️

  • Go to the Start menu & Search and Open the Windows Subsystem for Android™️
  • Enable Developer mode under Advanced settings